22 Walker Road East
Caledon East, ON

L7C 3K2

Is Abbeyfield Caledon Right for You?

What is the monthly cost of living in Abbeyfield?

$1,925 per month covers all room, board, maintenance and utilities (except your own phone line, cable TV and internet service).

Does your current residence fit your needs? Is the financial burden of supporting a large house beyond your capabilities?
Many seniors are living trapped in their homes by the responsibility of a large house and belongings collected over many years. At Abbeyfield you can enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about expensive home repairs and upkeep and just relax and enjoy the company of your peers. We can help you get there.  The monthly fee covers all room, food, maintenance and utilities (except your own phone line).
Are the stairs getting a little steeper? Is the physical caring beyond your physical abilities?
Abbeyfield Caledon is a one level building encompassing barrier free design throughout the common areas and in the ensuites. Lovely, accessible outdoor space to sit and enjoy the warm days of summer with a cozy fireplace in the great room to snuggle up in on the cold winter days. Radiant heat throughout the common space and in the ensuites is a boon to arthritic ailments.
Are you conveniently located? Is that drive to town becoming a chore?
Abbeyfield Caledon is located within walking distance or a short drive to many of the amenities of the Village of Caledon East – churches, restaurants, post office, medical offices and pharmacies, library; and seniors programs.
Perhaps you are finding it difficult to make those long drives into town for shopping, especially on those snowy winter days – relax, sit back and enjoy looking out at a lovely winter day, the snow gently falling, and with the realization that you are safe and snug inside and do not have to drive or attend to clearing snow.
Have you given up attending church or social gatherings because of the fear of driving or perhaps you are no longer able to drive and must depend on friends and family members? At Abbeyfield Caledon you can be re-connected to the community and can walk or will have the support of your Abbeyfield family to assist you or accompany you to community conveniences or events.
Are you isolated from the community and a social life?
Abbeyfield Caledon will give you back your social life by renewing old acquaintances and making new friendships within your Abbeyfield family and the community.
Volunteers will play a big role at Abbeyfield Caledon by bringing in programs for the Residents; hosting special lunches and teas; accompanying Residents out for shopping or appointment; or simply by providing a friendly visit.
Many seniors have gotten away from the art of cooking, especially for guests. At Abbeyfield Caledon Residents are able to invite guests to join them for lunch or dinner. Residents also have free access to the kitchen at Abbeyfield to prepare or bake if they so desire. Residents are also encouraged to participate with plantings and care of the gardens and raised flower beds, so enjoying sharing their 'green thumb' talents.
Are you eating properly?
Many seniors believe they are eating properly when in fact studies show that many are malnourished and do not have the proper nutrition to sustain healthy aging. Many factors effect proper nutrition and diets – medications, dental health and, one most important factor in poor nutrition is eating alone.
Nutrition is vital not only to physical heath, but to ensure that the brain is properly nourished to enable good memory and thinking capabilities.
As we age, we encounter medical conditions related to the aging process – diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, just to name a few. Nutrition plays a very important role in the treatment and management of chronic diseases.